Avatar Name Organization Companies Founded Website
Matt McGowan Adestra details on LinkedIn http://www.adestra.com/
Mike Hoydich Adventure Corporation Early Internet Pioneer; USWeb, GeoCities; Founded Multiple Companies: IndustryNext, Incognito Digital, Squrl, EdgeDNA Alumni, YCombinator, SamsungNext Creator: AR, VR, Ecosystem Resource --> https://goo.gl/Q3edcA Founder DeathStar BBS(1988) Atari 130xe, 2400 baud modem http://www.adventure.gold
Eric Litman aescape Proxicom; Viaduct; digitalNation; Wireless Outpost; Medialets aescape http://ericlitman.com
Susan Weiner All Inbox, LLC All Inbox, LLC; WhatIF Media Group; Mocade Media https://all-inbox.com/
Scott Kliger Annex Labs, Inc. Narrative Communications (Enliven); Jingle Networks (1-800-FREE-411); Sage Hill Partners; Searchlight Consulting Silverlife Labs Annex Labs LeadsToday TouchPlan annexlabs.com
Paul Shriner AudiencePoint AudiencePoint, Olympic Peninsula Young Life http://audiencepoint.com/
Paul Price Balihoo Clearwater Analytics, Balihoo https://www.balihoo.com
Rob Beeler Beeler.Tech Beeler.Tech http://www.beeler.tech/
John Philpin Beyond Bridges Flypaper, Beyond Bridges, M23, Expert Alumni https://beyondbridges.net/
Simms Jenkins BrightWave BrightWave; EmailStatCenter.com; EiQ, the intelligent email gathering https://www.brightwave.com/
James Critchley cloudIQ Limited Alpine Elements; Ad.IQ; Cloud.IQ http://www.cloud-iq.com/
Tom Chernaik CMPLY, Inc. CMPLY, inc., All Indie, Gotham Records http://getcommandpost.com/
Dean Pappas Constant Innovations LLC Malista Media; Constant Innovations; East Coast Foodies http://www.foshoapp.com
Richelo Killian ContactJam Imnica Mail ContactJam InboxJam https://www.contactjam.com/
Nick Pahade CrowdHere Inc. CrowdHere.com, Beyond Interactive (WPP), NRP Ventures LLC http://www.crowdhere.com/
Michael Benedek Datonics LLC Founding CEO of spin-off from AlmondNet http://datonics.com/
Kevin Lee Didit Known for Didit and We-Care but in order: Deliveries Unlimited; Yale SOM coffee shop (Food For Thought) AIM, Alternatives In Marketing INTERACT Multiumedia Didit Briefme Cognitive Therapy Associates We-Care PowerProfiles Sweeps4aCause GivingForward L4 Hyperlocal SEO NPAdx http://www.didit.com/
Tink Taylor dotmailer dotmailer; dotdigital Group https://www.dotmailer.com/us/
John Thies Email on Acid Email on Acid Cause for Awareness (non-profit) https://www.emailonacid.com
Matt Vernhout EmailKarma.net Email Karma Publishing http://emailkarma.net